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John Mills was born in Melbourne in 1953 and grew up in a musical household. When his cousin gave him an electric guitar at age ten, his love for the instrument was born. Like most young people of that time John followed the meteoric rise to fame of the Beatles, learning to play just about everything they wrote, by ear. Throughout his school years he formed several bands, developed an interest in blues as well as a passion for Jimi Hendrix, then at nineteen, decided to undertake a formal study of the classical guitar.

John Mills Playing GuitarJohn developed a career as both a teacher and performer and spent many hours writing and composing. As John says, "I find the process of writing/composing quite mysterious; I don't set out to write anything in particular, but more through improvisation and meditation a piece will begin; lines and themes rattle around inside, quite often for months on end, and then something complete emerges. There are some pieces that I have been working on for years and have yet to find any completion, while others may be finished in a few nights. The feedback I get about my writing can range from that piece is so tranquil, to your music seems to dabble on the edges of darkness or that is such a sad piece…...I like that my music can be all those things; I like the idea of being able to shake someone a little into feeling a response."

When asked about what motivates him to compose, John said this:

"I can't begin to imagine my life without music: it has been a glorious constant, bringing comfort and joy, echoing sorrow and hinting at wondrous paths to explore along the way. Like nearly everyone I know, at least those I want to know, I wish for a world where we can be kinder, more generous and merciful towards each other. I write my music with no political intentions; just the hope of sharing something with you that might shine a little light into some dark corner. Keep dreaming, keep hoping and keep gazing at the moon....."

John has completed four CD's and has written and recorded pieces for "High Country Life". His work has been highly acclaimed in America and his CD's are released independently here in Australia.

John's music is independently recorded and available on the Newmarket label.

John expresses his gratitude:

"I am enormously grateful for the continuing support and assistance from Adrian and Barb Hannan at The Songstore, who have always understood what my music has been about, and given life to my ideas. Thank you guys."

in her hands Artwork

in her hands is the fourth studio album by Australian guitarist and composer, John Mills. John’s exquisitely beautiful acoustic guitar playing is at the heart of each of the tracks, with some equally beautiful backdrops that include African kalimba, cello, piano and haunting Tibetan singing bowls.

in her hands follows on from two internationally successful albums, both of which charted in the ambient top ten (U.S.): Hallowed Moon and Still Gazing at the Moon, released Stateside on U.S. label Eversound, have both achieved wide critical acclaim.

“Hallowed Moon is an album of quiet joy. Still Gazing At The Moon is an utter triumph that will leave you quietly howling at the moon. John Mills is an outright genius…”
Michael Debbage. (Solo Piano Publications)

“John Mills happens to be among the top 10 best guitar players that I've ever heard…” New Age Retailer

John has once again collaborated with internationally renowned producer Adrian Hannan from Melbourne’s boutique studio and Artist Development Agency, The Song Store. John’s music is difficult to pigeonhole … is it classical? … is it contemporary? … is it ambient or new age? … It is all of these and more. It is music written from the heart, and without exception, the phrase used to describe John’s music is, absolutely beautiful.


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